Past Chapter Presidents

57December 2022December 2022Connor S. Ulfig
58December 2022 Connor S. Ulfig
56December 2021December 2022Leo J. Garcia
55November 2020December 2021Skylyr E. Zink
54November 2019November 2020Parker J. Schanen
53December 2018November 2019Trevor Hill
52November 2017December 2018Till Cook
50November 2016November 2017Andrew O. Alltop
51November 2016November 2016Andrew O. Alltop
49November 2016November 2016Till Cook
48November 2015November 2016Max W. Tech
47November 2014November 2015Spencer P. Gust
46October 2014November 2014John M. Forsyth
45December 2013October 2014Chris Ailstock
44January 2013December 2013Matthew P. Lefevre
43December 2011January 2013Christopher D. Mantay
42January 2011December 2011Christopher J. Ferriole
41February 2010January 2011Craig P. Schreiber
40December 2008February 2010Timothy A. Stevens
39April 2008December 2008Mr. Ahmed N. Chaudhry
38November 2006April 2008Michael Soresi
37December 2005November 2006Shawn Latchford
36January 2005December 2005Peter Grostic
35December 2004January 2005David Walker
34December 2003December 2004Dennis Gibson
33April 2002December 2003Ryan M. Phillips
32November 2001April 2002Dustin D. Hoffman
31December 2000November 2001James E. Cottone
30January 2000December 2000Chad J. Gernady
29December 1998January 2000Scott C. Sheahen
28December 1997December 1998Joseph M. Smith
27January 1997December 1997Kirk W. Myers
26February 1996January 1997David W. Towne Esq.
25December 1994February 1996Darin R. Morency
24December 1993December 1994Jonathon B. Husby
23May 1993December 1993Paul T. Twydell
22August 1992December 1992Mr. Jerry D. Johnson
21January 1991December 1991Aaron F. Goldstein
20January 1990December 1990Eric J. Haik
18January 1988December 1988Thomas K. Emig
19January 1988December 1989Hollis D. Barber III
17January 1987December 1987Jeffrey T. Hurtik
16January 1986December 1986James V. Bandy
15January 1985December 1985Andrew J. Paluda
14January 1984December 1984John K. Volkert
13January 1983December 1983Michael R. Haines
12January 1982December 1982Gregory S. Hall
11January 1981December 1981Byron J. Konschuh
10January 1980December 1980George S. Chavel
9January 1979December 1979Nicholas W. Genematas
8January 1978December 1978Loren D. Barnett
7January 1971December 1971John H. McGilliard
6January 1966December 1967George C. Betz
5September 1964June 1965Lawrence W. Zarrilli DVM
4January 1963December 1963David W. Green
3January 1959December 1959William E. Stoddard
1  Chris T. Christ
2  George R. Anderson

The Omega Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Albion College was installed as a chapter on January 1, 1927.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.